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Preventive Care Profile

Diagno Plus Pathology Lab offers preventive care profile

Diagno Plus continues to revolutionize Pathology and Diagnostics services by ushering in the most specialized technologies, and innovative services.
Prevent your Loved Ones with our Best Medical Service Offerings.

Necessary for every person above 30 years of age

Diagno Plus Lab offers preventive health care (50 tests) and Mini health check-up upto 30 parameters

Preventive health care

50 Test worth ₹ 2600 in just ₹ 1200 only

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Mini health Checkup

30 checks worth ₹ 1300 in just ₹ 800 only

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Platinum health checkup

56 test worth ₹ 5700 in just ₹ 3650

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ECG Service

Get ECG service @ your home in ₹ 330

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Diagno Plus Preventive Care Profile

50 test worth Rs.2600/- @ Rs.1200/- Only
Preventive Health Care by Diagno plus

Following test are included in preventive care profile:
Blood Group(1) Liver Profile(10) Lipid Profile (7)
 CBC()14)  Alkaline Phosphatase  LDL Cholesterol
 WBC  Bilirubin-direct  Total Cholesterol
 Lymphocytes  Bilirubin--Total  HDl Cholesterol
 Monocytes  Bilirubin-Indirect  Triglycrides
 Eosinophil  Protein-Total  VLDL Cholesterol
 Neutrophills  Serum Albunium  LDL/HDl Ratio
 HGB,RBC,HCT  Serum Globulin  TC/HDl Cholesterol Ratio
 MCV,MCH,MCHC  SGOT,SGPT  Kidney Profile(5)
 PLT,TLC  Serum Albunium  Calcium
 PS for Opinion  Globulin Ratio  Uric Acid
 Thyroid Profile(3)  Random Blood Sugar(1)  Blood Urea Nitrogen
 T3-T4-TSH  ESR(1)  Serum Creatinine
 Urine Routine(8)  BUN/Creatinine Ratio

Diagno Plus Health Card
MRP – 299/- (INR)
T&C Apply

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